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Construction Management
As part of the construction team Claybar Group works on behalf of the client’s direct interests, ensuring all project requirements and specifications are being met. The role of the project manager is that of client liaison and guide, responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects of the project to meet client and project requirements, schedule, and budget. 

Claybar Group will manage the life of the project from start to finish; through the pre-construction phase, sub-contractor bidding, construction, post-construction, and final closeout.

General Contracting
When awarded a general contracting project Claybar Group organized their team based on the size and requirements of the project. As Claybar Group routinely undertakes projects throughout the GTA and across Ontario we have a thorough knowledge of potential resources allowing us the ability to compile a list of qualified subcontractors all with the ability too comprehend and undertake the required project elements.

Claybar Group also has the experience and expertise in the tendering of complex and multi-phase projects.

Added Value 
Every project Claybar Group undertakes is valued and therefore assigned a dedicated team of qualified, experienced, professionals to oversee the project through to completion. At the onset of a project it is determined, based on the size and specifications of the project, what kind of management team is required to ensure project success.

We also believe that Health and Safety are of the utmost importance and are fully committed to conducting business in a way that protects the Health and Safety of all our employees, supervisors, sub-trade supervisors, visitors, customers and the general public.

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